University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff can download software licensed for their use from UDeploy.



  • NAG produces and distributes numerical, symbolic, statistical, visualisation and simulation software for the solution of problems in a wide range of applications in such areas as science, engineering, financial analysis and research. In addition, NAG has a complete portfolio of graphics and visualisation software spanning 2D data representation to very high-end 3D visualisation.
  • The University of Delaware has a site license from NAG (Numerical Algorithm Group) to allow a copy of NAG products to be placed on current faculty, staff, students and all UD-owned computers at the University of Delaware.
  • When you leave the University, you must remove your copy of the software from your personally owned computer, or replace it with NAG's commercial version. If you have questions about your eligibility for this program, contact the IT Help Center at 831-6000.
  • You can directly download the latest version of all NAG software products available for

NAG Licenses

You do not need to request a temporary license from NAG. See Installer's and Users' Notes for NAG Products for details regarding licensing and installation for each NAG product.   NAG products use Kusari licensing, use the UD NAG Kusari nag_kusari.lic file, see menu on right.