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AES Crypt

UD IT is now using AES Crypt as its official encryption software. If you regularly handle confidential information or PII, familiarize yourself with AES Crypt using these guidelines and pages.

IT using AES Crypt to encrypt unprotected SSNs
UD IT routinely scans University servers to identify unencrypted files containing Social Security Numbers (SSNs). Any unencrypted file containing SSNs found on the servers will be encrypted with AES Crypt. If you see a file with the ".aes" file extension, it has been encrypted. To receive the password to decrypt the file, contact the IT Support Center.


  • You will need to choose a strong encryption password that is impossible to guess. You are advised to use random letters, numbers, and symbols as your password. Consider using a password generator to create secure passwords.
  • To decrypt an encrypted file, you will need to remember the password you created. If the password gets lost, there is NO way for IT, or anyone, to decrypt the file. It will remain encrypted and inaccessible forever.

Installation and Usage

Once you've installed AES Crypt on your Mac or PC, you will be able to encrypt and decrypt files. Use the pages below to get started.

AES Crypt



Encryption & Decryption


Contact the IT Support Center if you plan on using AES Crypt on a Mac.