University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff can download software licensed for their use from UDeploy.

To enter/change the license code on your installation of SPSS in order to renew your license for the year, follow these instructions: 


  • In the Start menu, select All Programs.
  • In your list of programs, you will see a folder called either SPSS or IBM SPSS Statistics. Open that folder.
  • In that folder, you will see a program called either SPSS License Authorization Wizard or IBM SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard.
  • Right-click the License Authorization Wizard icon, and select Run As Administrator.
  • Log in to a Windows user account with full Administrator access rights. (If you do not have a Windows user account with full Administrator rights, please see your local system administrator or technical support provider.)
  • The License Authorization Wizard should then launch.
  • The wizard should display the License Status window, which shows the authorization status for all detected SPSS components. Click Next.
  • On the Product Authorization window, select the button next to Authorized user license. Click Next.
  • Enter the authorization code you received in the SPSS license information email in the “Enter Code:” box, and then click Next.
  • If successful, the installer should report “Successfully processed all codes.” Click Next.
  • Click Finish. You have now completed the installation and license the authorization of your new SPSS software.

Mac OS X:

  • In your Applications folder, start SPSS Statistics.
  • Close the opening Welcome to IBM SPSS Statistics window.
  • Choose “Manage License” from the very bottom of the File menu.
  • Click on the Launch License Wizard button in the Manage License window.
  • The IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard will open.
  • Click on the “Next >” button in the License Status Window.
  • Make sure “Authorized user license” is selected in the Product Authorization window, then click on the “Next >” button.
  • Enter or copy/paste the License Authorization Code you received into the Enter Code: box and click the “Add” button, then click the “Next >” button.
  • You should see, “Authorization succeeded” and “Successfully processed all codes” messages in the Internet Authorization Status window, then click the “Next >” button.
  • Click the “Finish” button in the “Licensing Completed” window. You have now completed the installation and license the authorization of your new SPSS software.