University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff can download software licensed for their use from UDeploy.

SAS Education Analytical Suite with Enterprise Miner for Faculty/Staff


  • The University of Delaware licenses SAS Education Analytical Suite, which includes the products:
    • Base SAS, including SAS/SECURE functionality
    • SAS/ACCESS engines
    • SAS/AF
    • SAS Bridge for Esri
    • SAS/EIS
    • SAS Enterprise Guide
    • SAS/ETS
    • SAS/FSP
    • SAS/IML
    • SAS Integration Technologies
    • SAS/OR
    • SAS/QC
    • SAS/STAT
    • SAS Studio
    • SAS Management Console
    • SAS Enterprise Guide
    • SAS Bridge for Esri Client
    • SAS Bridge for Esri
    • SAS Enterprise Miner for Desktop
  • The SAS Education Analytical Suite is licensed to faculty and staff for teaching and research purposes only. It may not be used for administrative needs of the University. It is a fairly complete version of SAS and includes unlimited access to SAS Institute's online training courses.
  • Requests to purchase annual licenses will be processed through the Request for Services - IT Software Licenses web form.  IT staff will then send you licensing and download information.
  • The current version of SAS is 9.4 TS Level 1M7.


  • SAS may be used for teaching and research. It may not be used for administrative purposes.
  • SAS may be sub-licensed by UD departments for faculty, staff and departmental systems.
  • The PCs must be UD-owned or maintained, or owned by UD faculty and staff (including post-docs). SAS may also be installed on UD-owned systems used (not owned) by students.
  • Students, including those hired as graduate teaching assistants or graduate research assistants are not eligible to sublicense these copies for their personally-owned systems.
If you are uncertain about your eligibility to download or install the software, contact the IT Support Center ( or 831-6000). When you leave the University, you must remove your copy of the software from your personally owned computer, or replace it with SAS's commercial version.  
You must purchase a license for each installation of the software via the Request for Services - IT Software License web form.  After completing this form, you will be emailed information about downloading and installing the software.