University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff can download software licensed for their use from UDeploy.

iWork 9

Our Apple Education License Program agreement allows the software to be installed on University-owned computers only. If you have questions about your eligibility for this program, contact the IT Help Center at 831-6000. System Requirements for iWork '09 are:
  • Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (500MHz or faster) processor
  • 512MB of RAM; 1GB recommended
  • 32MB of video memory
  • Mac OS X v10.4.11 or Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later
  • QuickTime 7.5.5 or later
  • 1.2GB of available disk space
  • DVD drive required for installation
Important installation note! If you have an iWork '09 trial version installed (comes installed on new Mac computers) you will have to delete the Macintosh HD > Library > Application support > iWork09 folder before you install this version of the software. Contact the IT Support Center at (302) 831-6000 if you have any questions about doing this.