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IBM SPSS Statistics 26 Fixpack 1

SPSS Statistics 26 Fixpack 1 contains a variety of fixes and enhancements for macOS and Windows. Overall there were over 90 defects addressed that cover a wide swathe of functionality. The areas addressed can be described in several broad categories:
  • Improved application startup time
  • A new macOS JRE from Oracle
  • Adaptations for macOS Catalina
  • Minor Feature Enhancement to the ROC Analysis procedure
  • Custom Dialog Builder improvements
  • Better support for acquiring data
  • Chart editor fixes
  • Fixes for R and Python extensions
  • Improvements in the handling of Far Eastern character
A summary video describing the fix pack may be viewed at: Download the fix pack for the version of SPSS Statistics Premium 26 that you currently have licensed from the column on the right of this page.