UDeploy Software Site

Software licensed for distribution to University of Delaware students and employees

The software available from the UDeploy site is licensed for use by University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff. Most is licensed for employee or faculty use, some packages--anti-virus software and certain Internet tools, for example--are also licensed for UD student use.

If you are connecting to the Internet using an off-campus ISP, you can still access the software at this site. To access the software available to you, enter your UDelNet ID and password when prompted.

Windows Software Macintosh Software UNIX and Linux Software

Before installing any software always check the versions of your existing software.

Some Windows and Macintosh software requires you to temporarily turn off anti-virus protection during the installation process.

Windows users: visit Updating the Windows Operating System to keep your computer's OS current.


Last Updated: June 13, 2013
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