University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff can download software licensed for their use from UDeploy.

Using the UDeploy Web Site

Navigating the UDeploy web site

The help files at this web site, are for the most part, simple HTML web pages that should work in any web browser. Therefore, you can navigate:

  • by following the links in each document,
  • by using your web browser’s Back and Forward buttons,
  • and by using your web browser’s History or Go menu.

Relevant help files are available from two locations:

  • Connectivity: This web page links to instructions for connecting to UD’s network, organized by how you connect, and then organized by operating system.
  • Help: This link leads to help files for all software available at the UDeploy web site.

The Software section of the UDeploy web site includes the files you’ll transfer to your computer to install UD-licensed software.

Windows Updates

It is imperative that every Windows user keeps his or her computer’s operating system current. In particular, you should download the updates Microsoft labels as “critical.” These updates frequently close potential security loopholes in the Windows operating system. If you do not know how to get updates from Microsoft, visit Updating the Windows Operating System.

A note about the software available at the UDeploy web site

Most computers already have software that will let you do basic work on the Internet. Therefore, install our software if it is a newer version than what is currently installed on your computer or if you need it to perform specific tasks on the network. As newer versions of software the University has licensed for student use become available, they will be made available here at the UDeploy web site.

Additional assistance

If you need assistance configuring your computer for use with the Internet, first check the on-line help files or contact the IT Support Center at (302) 831-6000 or